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Diamond Drop Necklace

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Diamond Drop Necklace

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  • Elena

    This is an unusual jewelry item – I haven't met such models on other websites before. They answered quickly and made me very beautiful earrings that fit perfectly with my ring.


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FAQ about Diamond Drop Necklace in Netherlands

Why wear a diamond necklace?

A diamond necklace is often worn as a symbol of elegance, luxury, and sentiment. It can enhance one's appearance and serve as a timeless accessory for special occasions.

What is a diamond illusion necklace?

A diamond illusion necklace typically features smaller diamonds set closely together to create the illusion of a larger, more intricate design. This technique is used to maximize the visual impact of the diamonds.

How is the diamond necklace priced?

The pricing of a diamond necklace is influenced by factors such as the quality, carat weight, cut, color, and clarity of the diamonds, as well as the type of metal used in the setting. Craftsmanship and brand reputation also contribute to the overall cost.
Prices for Diamond Drop Necklace in Netherlands
Pear Diamond Solitaire Necklace on Thin Chain 50,637.30€
Pear Diamond Solitaire Necklace on Thin Yellow Chain 50,637.30€
Pear Diamond Solitaire Necklace on Thin Rose Chain 50,637.30€
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☑ The most expensive product price 103,449.51€